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Instead of writing in my diary today, I decided to read some of the things I’ve written in the past. It’s amazing what you can find in one’s own dairy…I’m glad I never get explicit, seriously. It would have been a mess; I think of all the things that go through my head and I’m like, damn, if I were to write them down as they are, I would be arrested…lol!

 I just thought of sharing something I came across in my diary that I wrote on 6th October, 2011:

 ‘I was just listening to Beyonce’s song, ‘He still loves me’ and I feel like that’s what I need right now. I know someone will be like, Beyonce? Well, yes. I think about this and it’s funny as I look at my own life and the lessons I’m drawing from the song. It is very easy to point a speck in someone’s eye when you have a log in yours. Just because value systems are different, we are judging one another. Just because we don’t believe in the same things, we are judging each other. Sometimes our lives are even dependent on other people so much so that when they do things contrary to us or our beliefs, we tend not only to judge them, but lose our trust and interest in them.  Yet, in our differences, in our unity, in our weaknesses and in our strengths, God still loves us unconditionally. God still cares for all of us regardless of.

We sadly push each other away because we keep judging one another based on our differences in values or beliefs. We expect everyone to live a particular life, a lot of times a life similar to ours,  and if they don’t, we get disappointed in them, judge them and perhaps even side-line them (consider them outcasts). But the question is, ‘what would God himself do?’ Would he condemn you or side-line you or not love you? No. I choose to believe that He would not point a finger at you, simply because He loves you. Just like the song says, I feel this is the God I serve;

“Seems l always fall short of being worthy

 ‘coz I ain’t good enough, but He still loves me

 I ain’t no superstar, the spotlight ain’t shining on me

 ‘coz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me

  I’m not perfect, yes I do wrong

 I’m trying my best but it ain’t good enough

 Shunned by the world if I don’t succeed

 Though I ain’t good enough, He still loves..” Beyonce Knowles


 I feel everyone falls short in one way or the other, though it’s no excuse to sin-but neither is it a tool to use to judge and label others. We all ain’t perfect, but God still loves us all!