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  1. Capital Letters: IF HE TEXTS ME IN CAPITAL LETTERS (you get the idea?), I tend to feel that he does not  pay attention to basic details, not even to his own actions, unless if he’s a close buddy who’s trying to prove a point or he’s an Accounting nerd (their coding is usually in capitals)
  2. Color of clothes: Crazy colors on a guy? No thank you; it’s blurring my vision I can’t see your face.
  3. This one may be hard, but I try my best to do it. Check out his SOCKS: You can tell a lot about a guy just by looking at his socks, especially the ones he’s putting on, seriously.
  4. Sense of humor: If he takes everything seriously, he has no sense of humor, he’s not a keeper. I walk.
  5. He doesn’t honor his word more than once, don’t let him get away with it, ’cause he may never change. It’s about principles; taking responsibility of one’s words and actions. And that goes for me as well, not just him.
  6. This is very important: Beliefs and Values-If our core values and beliefs are very different and none of us is willing to compromise, please spare each other the misery, don’t force matters.
  7. Insecurities: Ladies!! If either of you has insecurities, don’t make the other person suffer, trust me, you will both suffer. Work out your insecurities first before you get involved because dating or getting married won’t solve that. You’ve got to work it out yourself. I’m work in progress
  8. Gut feeling: If something, anything, small or big makes you feel uncomfortable, DO NOT Ignore it. Girls, don’t abandon your gut feelings, many times we end up saying, ‘but I sensed that something wasn’t ok.’, ‘but I could feel he was up to something’, ‘but…’ and then it’s too late. DON’T IGNORE those initial feelings
  9. If he respects himself, there are better chances that he will respect me than if he has no respect for himself at all
  10. Communication, communication, communication! I am working on it myself; open communication from the very beginning is important. I have trouble talking about uncomfortable things, but that’s where I need to push myself to learn to do so because it saves you big time!!

What is your List of Things that you would consider before you take things far with a man/woman?