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They say talk is cheap, and I agree-actions speak louder than words. I am one person who talks a lot, and hey, I love talking. Unfortunately, many times it all ends with just the talking and nothing else. Words can be easily forgotten, but actions leave a mark. Think about all the great people in the world, if all they did was talk; talk about how they wanted to end apartheid,  talk about how they wanted to end slave trade, or talk about how they wanted to invent something like a wheel or a computer,  how they wished they could make history, and do nothing about it, who would have remembered them till today? But they did something, they fought to end the injustices, they invented, they acted and so made history. I am learning about this myself in different ways and as I do so, I am challenging myself to act upon the lessons-do something about them and not just talk. And this is not even about acting for others to see, or acting to make history, rather it is for me, honoring my own words, committing myself to something. Commitment to oneself is the greatest discipline, takes a lot of effort but very rewarding. If I am able to honor commitments to myself, I am respecting me, my choices, my goals and it is the highest level of respect to oneself. I believe that if I am able to respect my own choices and commitments, I can be able to respect the choices about and commitments to others. Respecting oneself is a discipline we all can learn and if we are self-disciplined, we will find it easy to respect others since that’s how you treat yourself.

It is amazing what happens when you decide to act, seriously. Once you make up your mind to do something, the heavens open doors and opportunities for you that you never thought existed, but first you’ve got to want and then take that first step of action. But you will never know until you try something out. Just give it a shot; whether it’s trying out a recipe, writing an application, starting a business, starting to exercise, taking a course, starting some savings, etc, you will never know what could happen until you give it a shot. It may or may not work out, but trust me, you won’t have everything until you take action, then things, resources, networks, materials, support, will start coming together for you in support of your action. It is action, not just words, that will attract what you need to get your idea to fully come to reality. And I always remind myself that it is first not about others, or about making a name for myself, but it is about me, respecting my dreams, desires and goals, it is about respecting me.