Life Is Short, Eat The Dessert First


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The start of a new day, week, month and particularly a new year, gives us an opportunity to commit and recommit ourselves to doing and being more, to pursuing our goals and dreams. So as a tradition, I know many of us may have already made new year resolutions and the like. Well for me, I am making a renewed commitment to myself; to be me, to live each day as though is my last, to enjoy each moment, but at the same time to work hard and dream big as though this life will never end.

In these first two weeks of 2016 most of us will be faithful to our new year’s resolutions and after that, probably go back to our old or regressive ways. So while we are at it, I thought I share some reflections that will hopefully inspire you and me beyond these two weeks.

One of my main lessons from last year was that this life that I am living is short, it can end at any time and so I have to make the most out of it. I owe it to myself to make my life what I want it to be for me. I do not know when my life will end, so just in case this is the only day I have, I want to make it count, not for anyone else but for me. Someone once said, ’20 years from now, you will not regret the things you did, rather you will regret the things you never did’. So I want to make each day of this year count; I want it to be meaningful for me, I want to enjoy my life everyday regardless of circumstances or environment, and I want to take full responsibility of what happens in my life or to me.


…laugh, don’t take everything too seriously

have as much fun as you want

…forgive quickly, like you have amnesia

…appreciate others

…love like crazy

…be your authentic self

…love yourself

…do what makes YOU happy

…believe in your dreams

…live with intention

…choose with no regret

…take full responsibility of your choices

…always be grateful

…live as if this is all there is

So here is to 2016; to a year full of great and fulfilling experiences, fun and laughter, love and good health, challenging experiences that will stretch us out of our comfort zones, joys and sorrows that will help us learn and grow, and here is to living each day with purpose!

Happy New Year 2016!! May you live each day with purpose and with no regrets!